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BEWATER is all about hydration and well-being. The beautifully crafted, unique sparkling bottles are designed and created with a slight rippling to the bottle's side that makes for a distinctive look and feel. These bottles undeniably make their owners drink more water! Importantly, it also steers them away from single use bottles that choke our oceans and rivers. Good for you and good the environment. At Kaia London we are all about helping to preserve the beauty of our earth and our seas. And the bottles are light for travelling with! A win-win situation.

Elements - BeJoy Range

The BeJoy Range is alive with colour and variety. It captures simple pleasures. Joy makes everything beautiful in the world. Where water brings us gives us life it also brings us Joy. 

Chalcedony, Fossil Wood, Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Ocean jasper are used in Joy Elements. Each of these stones matches one of the elements used in Chinese Medicine and when all of these elements are in balance, wellness and vitality result.

Ocean Agate is associated with hope and renewal. It stabilizes energy and harmonises Yin and Yang.

Rose Quartz is the gemstone of love and connection. It is calming and reassuring. It is the stone of unconditional love, promoting self-love and self-forgiveness whilst also attracting love from others. It is linked to the heart chakra, helping reduce tension and induce calm. It is a high vibration stone.

Fossil Wood offers stability through change. It is grounding.

Amethyst brings inner peace. It is an excellent stone for meditation and brings about clarity of thought. It is also a powerful block for geopathic stress and negative energies.

Chalcedony is the crystal for inner flexibility and flow. It helps to bring mind, body, emotions and spirit into harmony. It is also a strong cleanser and protector against negative energies.



Tritan is a durable BPA & BPS Free Plastic. It is a composite plastic that has been extensively safety tested.

All of the crystals used are A Grade. They are natural stones that have been ethically sourced.


Height - 24.5cm 

Capacity - 650ml


We do not advise putting these bottles in either the freezer or the dishwasher. They can be refrigerated and should be hand washed.

The gem chamber in these bottles is fixed so cannot be moved or changed around.


How they work

Among water’s many incredible properties, Science, (best selling author Doctor Masaru Emoto) is now showing that water has memory and picks up information from its surroundings.

Using gemstones to change the quality and structure of water and to give it revitalising and strengthening properties is a practice that has its roots stretching back thousands of years. Gemstones are known to absorb and store energy and then to release it in a perfectly ordered way. The effect is what makes quartz watches work.

You do not need to clean the crystals but many customers like to charge them using traditions such as Reiki, smudging with sage, charging with moonlight or sunlight. You may also like to set a personal intention that helps to harness the power of the particular stones used.


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