Kaia London was founded in 2018. The name itself was chosen as its Hawaiian meaning is ‘The Sea’ and its Greek meaning is ‘The Earth’; the meeting point between these two is the beach. Where our story begins.

We aim to deliver the ultimate curation of luxury resortwear and beachwear from around the globe. Bringing coveted designers together in harmony with those who are just branching out. We empower women and bring them beautiful summer fashion which lifts the mood – after all, are we not all feeling our best when on holiday? Spend more time relaxing and exploring new places without worrying about your wardrobe – Kaia London has this covered.

We celebrate women who have something to say and use fashion to express the power, magic and freedom in femininity - after all its our superpower. Women have many layers, we are not just one thing; sartorial empowerment is now all about celebrating the softer sides of femininity. The Kaia woman is strong, independent and vibrant; she knows who she is and is fearless in expressing all sides of her personality. She leads, others follow; a true trendsetter who chooses wisely and helps empower others by buying ethically.

The pieces that we offer are timeless, elegant and versatile. Our vision is for our customers to have investment pieces within their wardrobe that feel great and go on past the season. They evoke happy memories and can be worn again and again. With the look of Luxe Bohemia, we aim to bring grace, elegance, comfort and character to your wardrobe; something wearable with a touch of magic.

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