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Have you been part of Dry January this year, only to find it difficult to carry on chugging away on water and feeling it all a little uninspiring? Well, that is where our unique sparkling water bottles come in! They are designed and created by BeWater with a slight rippling to the bottle's side which makes for a distinctive look and feel. These bottles undeniably make their owners drink more water! Importantly, it also steers them away from single use bottles that choke our oceans and rivers. Good for you and good the environment. At Kaia London we are all about helping to preserve the beauty of our earth and our seas. And the bottles are light for travelling with! A win-win situation.

Crystals also are said to each hold different healing properties. They are known to absorb and store energy and then release it in a perfectly ordered way, which is what makes quartz watches work. Best selling author Doctor Masaru Emoto is now showing that water has memory and picks up information from its surroundings. When crystals are in close contact with water they can change the quality and structure of it, giving it revitalising and strengthening properties. 

Find your perfect crystal water bottle match below, and click the link to read more about the crystals and their properties:

Promotes love, well-being & inner peace, reduces tension, balances negative emotions and stabilizes the heart chakra.
Crystals: Green Aventurine, Amethyst and Rose Quartz.
Promotes joy, self determination, inner harmony, trust, peace & relaxation.
Crystals: Amazonite & Rock Crystal.
Promotes hope, renewal, self-forgiveness, stability in change, clarity of thought, inner-flexibility & flow. 
Crystals: Chalcedony, Fossil Wood, Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Ocean jasper.
 Calming, reassuring, love, self-forgiveness, reduces tension & induces calm. 
Crystals: Rose Quartz & Rock Crystal.
Power, strength, courage, inner-fire, passion, good circulation & improved metabolism.
Crystals: Garnet & Rock Crystal.
Inner peace, meditation, clarity of thought, blocker of geopathic stress & negative energies. 
Crystals: Amethyst & Rock Crystal.
Self-awareness, inner vision, relieves pain, tension and anxiety, promotes compassion, strength & understanding. 
Crystals: Obsidian & Rock Crystal.
Courage, strength, letting go, balances the physical and emotional body.
Crystals: Red Jasper & Magnesite. 
Clarity, control, patience, wisdom, positivity, relieves headaches and improves digestion.
Crystals: Dumortierite & Rock Crystal.
Awareness, clarity, truth, promotes strength in your own convictions & is a strong physical healer. 
Crystals: Sodalite & Rock Crystal. 
Peace, stabilises energy, protects, provides insight, supports integrity, sustains in times of stress & assists in accomplishing goals. 
Crystals: Red Jasper, Green Aventurine, Yellow Aventurine, Tiger’s eye & Sodalite.
Protection, connection, abundance, opens social bonds, promotes success in business relationships, calms anger, jealousy & envy.
Crystals: Carnelian & Rock Crystal.


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